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​▶Seminar for Those Who Desire to Excel at Japanese Companies.


​In Person with the Author of ……
“Winning Together At Japanese Companies” !

●Date:  November 25th (Sat) 2017, 9:45~12:00
●Venue: ABK: Asia Bunka Kaikan,
               Sengoku station, Tokyo
●Speaker: Mr. Kawatani Takashi  河谷隆司

●Language: mixture of English/Japanese accordingly



My Wishes to You

Do you want to keep complaining about your Japanese boss and lose the precious skills & knowledge you can otherwise accumulate?

Or do you want to know the sound reasons of their actions (and inactions) and acquire the skills to excel at Japanese or any global environment?

If you believe Japanese business style is outdated and your bosses are far from global-smart, you are dead wrong! You just don’t know how to make sense of their behaviors. Why not? Because shukatsu 就活seminars pass it through and Japanese themselves cannot explain well because their values are their second nature!
You and Japanese don’t have time to waste any more. We must win together real fast. Become HAPPY and Make Them HAPPY too. And that makes me HAPPY too!

Come and see me in Nov. 25th!  Got appointments?  Cancel them! It’s worth it. This is the last discounted seminar in 2017.

Topics Only at Kawatani Seminars

Kawatani Seminars uses photos and video clips to illustrate key concepts to allow people without much work experiences to relate easily to.

・How to turn around five biggest challenges of foreigners
・Four things EVERY Japanese values so dearly at work
・Ten Japanese “unreasonable” behaviors and sound “reasons” for them
・Strategic HO-REN-SO to get you instant trust and promotion
・How to get what you want in a “vague” instruction of your boss
・Secrets to turn your boss to a great boss
・How to assert your opinions without damaging relationship
・Employees Japanese like and dislike
・Profile of foreigners Japanese can never trust
・Sayonara to manners……nothing wrong to be yourself
・Questions and answers

*I will be speaking in a mixture of English and Japanese according to your fluency.

Did you know these Japanese behaviors you HATE are now being taught by MBA Schools as critical GLOBAL SKILLS?

● insufficient feedback
● unclear vision and goals 
● slow decision-making
● undefined job responsibility
● lack of public share information
● weak leadership
● ambiguous statement

…. What on earth does that mean?? 

Its reasons will be revealed at the seminar!


Voices about Kawatani Seminars

“Because of you we have understood what our MD was thinking for the first time. Please continue to be our bridge.” production executive
“What I learned about Japanese company in the two days here was much deeper than five years at my bank.” Corporate banker
“This seminar is packed with so many valuable lessons. This must be given to all Japanese companies in Asia.” trading firm director
“I joined my company only 3 months ago. But Kawatani sensei taught in the language even I could understand.”   logistics executive
“Mr. Kawatani’s training was very easy to understand. Use of photos and videos are very effective. Time should be longer!”  sales executive 
“Presentation is very logical and easy to follow. Full of stories and lot of fun!”  marine engineer
“I was so impressed by his character not just as a consultant but as a person.” 
trading firm director
“I became his instant fan today. I will follow him around from now on!”  sales executive
“Mr. Kawatani has love.”  finance manager

Five Values of This Seminar

●Understand ambiguous instructions clearly
●Get your true abilities understood properly
●Know what to do to win the trust of Japanese boss
●Know Japanese dilemma and honne to work with foreigners
●Begin to like both Japanese culture and Japanese company.
●Find your new place in Japan you love.

FREE Takeaways for ALL Participants

Skill-full seminar materials including “How to Get What You Want From Your Boss” for your immediate implementation.

FREE personal coaching to your questions by email for 14 days after the seminar.

FREE access to “Global Interviews” about crosscultural business skills of Asia Pacific entrepreneurs conducted by Mr. Kawatani.


About Kawatani Takashi

President, Diversity Management Institute Inc.
Crosscultural Management Consultant

Mr. Kawatani Takashi is Japan’s foremost crosscultural management consultant. 
Actively assisting Japanese firms to go global since 1986 in Asia Pacific, US, Europe and Japan, Mr. Kawatani pioneered crosscultural management training for Japanese firms in ASEAN since 1990. A Malaysian government think-tank invited him to Kuala Lumpur in 1992 and there he ran two consulting firms for 17 years until he moved back to Japan in 2009.
While engaged by various multinationals, Mr. Kawatani is passionate about teaching Japanese work culture such as training more than 100 international interns per year for Japan Internship Program by Japanese government METI andvarious companies.


・Previously: a lecturer at Sanno university, special advisor at Japan Overseas Enterprises Association, research associate at Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, etc.
・Award: World HRD Congress 2011 “Global HR Excellence Award”
・Publications: Winning Together at Japanese Companies, total 12 books.  
・Host of internet television show “Japan Spirit”  <YouTube/English with Jap subtitle>

Spreading Japan Spirit to the world!

I am hosting an English internet TV show

“Japan Spirit”.


You can enjoy it on YouTube every month.


Seminar Details

 The event has been finished 



November 25th (Sat) 2017 

Open 9:15 Seminar 9:45~12:00







Managed by:

Max 20 persons

​Employed \3500   Student \2500
*students must present valid student ID at the venue. Those without ID must pay additional \1000.

You can purchase the speaker’s book “Winning Together at Japanese Companies” at a discount at the venue. The book is being widely used by Japanese companies in Asia Pacific and USA.

After the seminar we invite you to a lunch with Mr. Kawatani near the venue (pay for what you eat). You can ask questions to him.

Diversity Management Institute Inc.

Globe-trotting for crosscultural skills for Japan!

Interviewing non-Japanese entrepreneurs in

search for crosscultural skills for Japan.  

Covered 18 countries and interviewed more

than 100 people. 

Conducted crosscultural management trainings

& presentations in 14 countries so far.

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